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Result SGP is calculated by comparing a students current score to their expected score based on the historical growth trajectories from multiple assessment windows. This allows for more accurate projections to be made for a student based on their current performance and past assessments. The SGP calculation is based on the most recent test from each window (the dates for these tests do not need to match your school’s school year). It uses at least two prior tests from different testing windows, and additional rules are considered if there are more than one assessment in a previous window.

The SGP calculation is used by schools and districts to help set expectations for student learning. It is a tool that allows educators to make more informed decisions about how much additional instruction and support is needed for their students to reach proficiency in each content area. In addition to calculating an estimate of how many points a student needs to achieve proficiency, the SGP calculation also takes into account factors such as the current level of achievement, grade-level expectations, and prior performance.

SGP is a metric that provides insight into a students performance on the Star Exams. It uses a students overall achievement in each subject to predict their future growth. The more points a student earns in each subject, the higher their SGP. SGP is updated frequently and is a key piece of data for students, parents, and teachers to use to monitor student progress.

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