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Domino’s Restaurant Chain Models Effective Leadership

A small rectangular wood or plastic block, either blank on one face or marked with an arrangement of spots resembling those on dice. The term is used most often in reference to a game played with these blocks, in which players place them edge to edge, so that the resulting sequence forms a line or some specified total. A domino also may refer to a person who successfully completes such a game, or an effect of such a person’s actions on others.

Domino, from the Latin dominium (dominium) meaning “heavy” or “fat,” was developed in the mid-18th century and is a type of positional game. Most domino games are played in pairs or fours, with each player taking turns placing a domino edge to edge against an adjacent piece until the whole row is completed. The first player to do so wins the game. The remaining pieces are called the boneyard or stock, and any player can draw any of these tiles to start a new turn.

A large chain of pizza restaurants, Domino’s is known for their fast delivery and innovative technology to help customers order their food from any location. Their leadership structure is also considered a model of effective management practices, as evidenced by their CEO appearing on the show Undercover Boss, where he works at several Domino’s locations and interacts with employees and customers to analyze their methods.

In this example of a Domino’s chain, Domino’s CEO is able to identify the root cause of many issues and make changes that improve productivity and overall success. He takes a hands-on approach to leadership, which helps to motivate his employees and build trust. He also has a strong emphasis on training and development, which can help to ensure that the company continues to meet customer demands.

While most Domino’s restaurants have well-established and proven leadership structures, there is always room for improvement. A recent episode of Undercover Boss showed Domino’s CEO Don Meij going undercover to work at several stores in their delivery service, and analyzing how his employees manage the busy deliveries. He found that most of the employees were not comfortable with their responsibilities and that some of them had a difficult time dealing with customer issues.

Domino’s is now able to make the necessary changes to provide more efficient and better customer service, which can lead to increased sales in the future. They are able to make these changes quickly by following the example of their leadership, which is focused on the needs of the company and its customers.

Just as a domino construction can fail if the first piece isn’t positioned correctly, so too can a story. Writing Tip for Today: Remember that your scene dominoes—in fiction or nonfiction—are all connected and influence each other. Ideally, each scene will advance the hero closer to or farther from the goal, and it must be clear how this is done. If it isn’t obvious, your readers will become bored quickly.