How to Establish a Successful Data Governance Program

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The first step in establishing a successful data governance program is to create a vision and a business case. The vision spells out your broad strategic objective and the business case articulates the specific opportunity you’re trying to capture. The business case should also include a clear definition of the actual people (roles), technologies and processes that are required to support your governance program. It should also specify the policies you intend to implement that align with your vision and business case.

It is important to remember that data governance programs involve a wide range of people, including employees, customers and partners. As such, many will have opinions and some may even be passionate about their views. It’s therefore essential to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to your data governance project. To do so, it is recommended to use a responsibility assignment matrix such as the RACI model (which stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed). This will help you keep track of who is doing what and ensure that everyone is aware of their individual responsibilities.

Many countries are trying to make it easier for companies to export data. However, it is important to note that these programmes will still have to comply with local laws, such as those governing personal data. This is why it is important to be aware of the risks involved when exporting data.

In addition to ensuring that your data is exported in compliance with local laws, it is also important to consider the risk of re-identification. This risk can be mitigated by limiting the amount of personal data that is exported, as well as using technical and legal measures to reduce the possibility of re-identification.

In a statement, the Government Chief Information Officer emphasized that it will work closely with the Hong Kong Data Protection Commissioner to ensure that all measures and practices are in line with local data protection laws. In particular, the OGCIO will roll out a Consented Data Exchange Gateway (CDEG) by the end of 2023 to facilitate the sharing of data between government departments and financial institutions upon the consent of their enterprise clients. This will allow citizens to access a wider range of digital government services, including tax filing and payment. It is also expected to improve the efficiency and security of cross-border data transfer. Moreover, it will also help to enhance the effectiveness of the government’s data analytics efforts by providing a more complete picture of the public sector’s usage of data. This will allow for better decision-making and policy development. In the future, it will also be possible for citizens to share their own data with government departments in a secure and trusted environment.