The HK Prize is One of Asia’s Premier Awards

hongkong prize

Hong Kong is home to a wide range of prizes and awards that can help people get the most out of their lives. From shopping vouchers to piles of gold, there are prizes available for just about everyone in this thriving city. In addition, there are a number of special prizes that are awarded for a specific type of work. For example, the HK History Book Prize is an award that is specifically intended for authors who write about Hong Kong’s rich history.

The HK Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, drawing thousands of applicants each year. It recognizes scientific research with significant societal benefit, and encourages young people to pursue their passions while broadening their global perspectives. In addition to the monetary prize, winners also gain access to Hong Kong’s top research facilities. The prize also promotes international cooperation and high standards of moral integrity. Its logo, featuring a pearl and a pierced jade amulet, has positive connotations in both Chinese and Western cultures.

As the prize celebrates the achievements of its winners, the public can join in on the fun by entering a lucky draw with more than HK$4 million worth of prizes. The prizes include round-trip plane tickets, luxury hotel stays, and supermarket vouchers. In addition, the winner will receive a personalized trophy. The judging panel will perform independent judgments and evaluations of the candidates’ scientific innovation achievements and their transformation into real social or economic value.

Peter Augustus Owen (PAO), Chair of the HK Arts Prize Selection Committee, said that this prize “gives complete freedom to artists to explore a wide range of human rights themes and create works in different mediums.” He added that this year’s submissions “showcased how artistic expression can bring light to complex issues that often aren’t easy to talk about and to provide new ways of seeing our world.”

During the protests of last year, many police officers, journalists, tourists or students from mainland China and innocent Hong Kong residents were attacked by anti-government rioters, and public facilities including subway stations, street lamps and traffic lights as well as stores, banks and restaurants were vandalized. One of the winning photographs depicted a bleeding man being hit by a masked anti-government protester with a hammer in Mong Kok. Another image showed a person holding a flag of Hong Kong being pushed to the ground by a group of protesters.

The HK Prize for Engineering was established to recognise the academic achievement of a maximum of ten engineering students in higher education institutions who are pursuing an engineering Higher Diploma or Associate Degree as accredited/recognised by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. Interested candidates must be recommended by the Head of Engineering Department of their higher education institution. The Prize is a great way for engineering students to make use of the opportunity provided by Hong Kong’s world-class research infrastructure and gain a deeper understanding of this dynamic global financial hub.