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Ways to Win at Blackjack


There are many ways to win at blackjack. These tips cover the game’s basic strategy and payouts. You can also try side bets. Listed below are some popular betting options:

Game of chance

When you play a game of chance, the dealer never knows which cards he will get. As long as he can count on having a blackjack at some point, the odds are good. However, the dealer does not know how many aces he will have, so his chance of getting an ace is slim. Hence, if you want to maximize your chances of winning, you should stick to basic blackjack strategy.


You may have heard that the standard payout in blackjack is three-to-two, but that’s not true for all games. In fact, the house edge on blackjack side bets can be much higher than that on the main game. A dedicated counter may be able to improve his or her edge by focusing on just one side bet, such as Lucky Ladies. However, the true payout in blackjack is nine-to-five.


One of the most effective strategies in blackjack is the basic blackjack strategy. This strategy is extremely simple, but often fails to recognize more advanced situations. However, if you’re a beginner, the basic strategy is more than enough to help you get started. It’s a good idea to memorize the basic strategy as it’s a faster way to play the game. There are many different methods and charts available that can help you develop a winning strategy.

Side bets

If you’re a player, you’ve probably heard about side bets on blackjack. These are bets that the dealer can make when he draws an ace. If you hit blackjack, your side bet wins – and pays odds of 2/1! The wager is placed alongside your original blackjack wager, and breaks even if the dealer does not have blackjack. Here are some examples. All of them pay out at least half of the initial stake!


There are many variations of the game of blackjack, but the basic strategy remains the same. When you get an Ace, you can split it up. If you get a two-card hand, you can split it again. When you get a’soft’ hand, you can double your initial bet before you receive your next card. If the dealer gets a natural blackjack, you can ‘double down’ on any number of cards to make your hand a better one.