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What is the HK Prize?

hk prize

hk prize is an exciting and lucrative writing competition that rewards authors for their work. The prestigious competition draws thousands of entries each year and offers cash prizes, shopping vouchers, or F&B benefits at awards ceremonies held around Hong Kong. Those interested in entering should carefully read and adhere to all rules before submitting their entry. This will help them avoid making any errors that could damage their reputation and increase their chances of winning.

The Hong Kong Prize honors those who advance world civilisation and inspire others toward building a harmonious society. Its winners have made a difference in the lives of many people, including a founder of an NGO that shelters homeless adults and a professor who invented liquid biopsy technology that rapidly detects cancer. In addition to a substantial monetary prize, the winners of the prize also receive access to the city’s premier research facilities.

Winners of the HK Prize are chosen by an expert panel, and the judges make sure that all entries are judged fairly. This way, winners can be confident that their work will be evaluated fairly and will be able to use it to improve the world. They can also expect to benefit from the prize’s other advantages, such as networking opportunities and international exposure.

Lui Che-woo created this award to recognize those who advance world civilisation and inspire others towards a harmonious society. The HK Prize is the first prize to be established in Asia, and the winning individuals will receive a substantial monetary prize along with access to one of the world’s premier science hubs. They will also be able to attend seminars and take part in research internships.

This is an excellent opportunity for researchers who want to expand their knowledge of the field of hk history and the broader Asian culture. The winning researchers will have the chance to showcase their work on a global stage, which will help them to gain more funding for future projects and further their careers.

Those interested in applying should submit their research paper by the deadline of 2021. The research should be relevant to clinical practice and must be published in a peer-reviewed journal. The prize is open to Fellows of the Academy whose work has been published in a journal within 10 years. The submission will be reviewed by a panel of experts in the relevant discipline.

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