Roullete Strategy – How to Win at Roullete


Roullete is a very popular game, with millions of people playing it online at any one time. You can play against a human opponent or with a random computer, depending on your preference. There are two possible outcomes to Roullete: you either win or you lose, and you need to know a strategy to win.


There are several variations of roulette, but the most popular is the European version, which has 37 pockets and a green zero pocket. This version has the lowest house edge, and is the most popular, though American roulette is also very popular and has a higher house edge of 5.26%. There are rules that differ between the American and European versions, but the basic game is the same.

There are also different types of roulette variations that involve the letters of the English alphabet. In multi-ball roulette, multiple balls spin at once, rather than one. This variation improves the probability of winning, but the payouts are lower per additional ball.


The payouts on Roullete depend on the bets you make and which numbers you choose. A single number bet pays 35:1 and a chip covering two numbers pays 17:1. A red or black bet covers half of the layout and pays 1:1. There are other types of bets that are more complex and you should read the rules thoroughly before making any decisions.